Hong Kong police obtain financial records of arrested democracy activists

Hong Kong authorities are scrutinizing the financial records of pro-democracy activists as they crack down on political opposition, according to some activists and a senior bank executive.

Police clamp down on Russian protests against jailing of Kremlin foe Navalny

Police detained more than 2,500 people and used force to break up rallies across Russia on Saturday as tens of thousands of protesters ignored extreme cold and police warnings to demand the release of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

China imposes sanctions on 28 Trump-era officials including Pompeo

China said on Wednesday it wanted to cooperate with President Joe Biden's new U.S. administration, while announcing sanctions against "lying and cheating" outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and 27 other top officials under Donald Trump.

Canada PM shuffles top Cabinet players ahead of possible election

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named a new foreign minister on Tuesday and shuffled other top players in his Cabinet ahead of an election that insiders in his Liberal Party say is likely this year.

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WikiLeaks' Assange denied bail by London court over risk he might abscond again

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was denied bail on Wednesday by a British judge who said he might flee justice while the United States tries again to secure his extradition, a decade after he enraged Washington by publishing troves of secret documents.

Over 50 Hong Kong democracy activists arrested under national security law - media

Over 50 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of violating the city's national security law, local media reported, in the biggest crackdown yet against the opposition camp under the contentious new legislation.

Into the Brexit unknown, a divided United Kingdom goes it alone

The United Kingdom exits the European Union's orbit on Thursday, turning its back on a tempestuous 48-year liaison with the European project for an uncertain post-Brexit future in its most significant geopolitical shift since the loss of empire.

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BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine heads to EU as effectiveness against new strain tested

BioNTech is testing the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine it developed with Pfizer against a highly infectious new strain of the coronavirus as it prepares to send 12.5 mln doses to EU countries by the end of year.

Britain faces isolation as world tightens borders to keep out new coronavirus strain

Countries across the globe shut their borders to Britain on Monday due to fears about a highly infectious new coronavirus strain, causing travel chaos and raising the prospect of food shortages days before Britain is set to leave the European Union.

Britain insists EU should move in Brexit trade talks

Britain insisted on Sunday that the European Union should shift position to open the way for a breakthrough in post-Brexit trade talks, with health minister Matt Hancock saying on Sunday the bloc should drop its "unreasonable demands".
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