Brexit deal done: what’s in it and where next for the UK and EU?

To misquote Shakespeare, our Brexit negotiating revels now are ended. The tempestuous talks did not lead to a dramatic walkout, even if at times the UK government gave the impression this was a feud worthy of the Montagues against the Capulets. The negotiators ignored the background noise and succeeded in drafting a dense legal document on which the future of UK-EU relations now hangs.

Can Queen Elizabeth save Christmas?

The Queen shares personal anecdotes, which she often links to ordinary people’s experiences through the pronouns “we” and “us”.

Obama book offers key insight about how laws really get made

Amid all the attention on former President Barack Obama’s new book, what may not have shown up in the reviews is mention of a two-page summary that, for legislative scholars like me, includes what may be the shortest and perhaps best description of how legislatures really work, even for political scientists.

The coronavirus vaccine: A doctor answers 5 questions

Here, Dr. Jason McKnight, a primary care physician at Texas A&M University, answers five questions about the rollout and distribution underway.

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COVID-19 further exposes inequalities in the global financial system

To stem the economic fallout from COVID-19, developed countries have injected an unprecedented US$9 trillion into their economies.

Pardon me? An ethicist’s guide to what is proper when it comes to presidential pardons

Questions surrounding President Trump’s use of the pardon power began almost as soon as he entered office in 2017 and will continue undoubtedly through his final days in power.

WATCH: BLACKPINK Calls For Global Action For Climate Change Via United Nations

BLACKPINK uploaded a video where Lisa, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo explains the effects of climate change through #COP26.

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WATCH: EXO's Kai And Baekhyun React To Kai's 'Mmmh' MV

Baekhyun joined Kai in a reaction video for his solo debut music video with 'Mmmh.'

Watch: BTS Returns To 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' For A 'BE' Showcase

BTS once again graced 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' for 'Life Goes On' and 'Dynamite' performances for two days straight!

WATCH: BTS Highlights Fun Sneek Peek Of Their Team-Up With Jin's Favorite Online Game 'MapleStory'

BTS shared a fun-filled discussion with its collaboration with Nexon's 'MapleStory', set to be launched soon.
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